Dominaria Events!

  • Open House 4/14 FREE!
    Ogden: Sat 4/14 3PM
    Brigham: Sat 4/14 3PM
  • Prerelease 4/21-4/22 $20
    Ogden: Sat 4/21 Midnight, 2PM, 7PM. Sun 4/22 2PM & 7PM.
    Sat 4/21 Midnight, 2PM, 7PM
    --Special Promo-- Preordered Boxes of Dominaria can be picked up this weekend!
  • Friday Night Magic 4/27-7/6 FREE!
    Ogden: 6PM Commander, Standard, and Modern
    Brigham: 5:30PM Standard, Brawl
    --New Format Brawl--
  • Draft Weekend 4/28 $14
    Ogden: Sat 4/28 12PM, 3PM, & 7PM
    Brigham: Sat 4/28 5PM
  • Magic League 4/30-5/25 $10 Entry / $3.25 Packs
    Ogden: Mondays 6PM
    Brigham: Tuesdays 5:30PM
  • Magic Mid-Season League TBD! $10 Entry / $3.35 Packs
    Ogden: Mondays 6PM
    Brigham: Tuesdays 5:30PM
  • Standard Showdown 5/7-6/16 FREE!
    Ogden: Wednesdays 6PM
    Brigham: Thursdays 5:30PM
  • Store Championship 6/23-6/24 $5
    Ogden: Sat 6/23 2PM & 7PM
    Brigham: Sat 6/23 3PM

International Tabletop Day 2018!

Saturday, April 28th 2018, 1PM-6PM

We are really looking forward to ITTD this year. We will have featured games out to demo, as well as a large quantity of games for people to come in and try out. We also plan on having loads of freebies and goodies this day, as well as a board game sale to help people take some fun stuff home with them! Hope to see everyone come in and try out some amazing games.

Featured Games:

-Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire
-Star Wars Destiny
-Shadows of Kyoto
-Betrayal at Baldurs Gate
-Space Base
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows
-Dead Man's Draw
and many more!!